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Proposed routes threaten the livability of residential neighborhoods and green-spaces in Troutdale and Gresham that will connect to the Springwater Trail. METRO and the City of Gresham's plans are to spend millions of dollars to land grab in front/back of homes and develop it; instead of utilizing existing developed land for a regional trail.

Magnet for Vagrancy

#SpringwaterSweep - Biohazards, trash, and crime will litter residential neighborhoods and green-spaces in Troutdale and Gresham. After 5-days of cleaning up the existing Springwater Corridor authorities tallied:

  • 1,845 needles
  • 22 gallons of urine
  • 16 gallons fecal matter/10 lbs. dried feces
  • Five 40-yard dumpsters (1 dump truck is 10 yards)

$ millions wasted

The proposed project is a waste; both the construction and the ongoing taxpayer dollars that will be required to maintain the crime ridden trail. Over-Half of survey respondents to a METRO survey say they OPPOSE & have CONCERNS about the project. The primary reasons being listed was homelessness, crime, and safety.

Say NO! to the Springwater Trail Extension 40-Mile Loop in Troutdale and Gresham

Propsed by: METRO and the City of Gresham

The proposed project lacks common sense - it threatens neighborhoods and green-spaces, and is a waste of money. The existing Springwater Trail is in disarray and is not maintained - there are hundreds of news stories that illustrate the project will be:

METRO and the City of Gresham plan to LAND GRAB from HOMES and PARKS to develop the Springwater Trail Extension; proposed routes will rip-up yards from homes, in some cases taking 30 or more feet of residential land. The trail will be an ENVIRONMENTAL NIGHTMARE; including endangering a registered Significant Tree (Fossil - Dawn Redwood) in Gresham on Williams Rd.


Life on the Springwater Trail


Contact METRO and the City of Gresham and tell them NO!! and OPPOSE to the Sprinwater Trail Extension 40-Mile Loop in Gresham and Troutdale. Troutdale and Gresham residents are in the dark. METRO and City Outreach to residents has been minimal and not forthcoming, especially to residents along proposed routes.