Announcements & Notes


Gresham Mayor Bemis came out publicly against the extension of the Springwater Trail!!!! Which got the Gresham Community Workshop meeting cancelled that was supposed to be hosted by METRO and the City of Gresham on 1/19/17. That meeting was to finalize the Gresham trail routes. Currently the planning for Gresham trails is to be determined and temporarily postponed.


Bemis' opposition to the trail announcement!


Walking Tour down Williams Road, with METRO and the City of Gresham Council Members. Held January 10, 2017. 

  • METRO project leader Robert Spurlock official report on Williams Rd. site visit
  • METRO said they are doing the trail planning in partnership with the Cities of Gresham and Troutdale
  • The City Council's for Gresham and Troutdale will make decisions, and METRO is assisting with planning and funding of grant money
  • The City of Gresham had a council member who said essentially the trail was going to happen, and it was only a matter of where the trail was going to be located
  • METRO and the city council members were not forthcoming and would not discuss security and safety issues brought up by residents that would possibly live along the trail
  • 30+ feet of yards will be taken for the trail from homes in residential neighborhoods. The 30+ feet is measured starting from the middle yellow line of the present road and measures out from there. In some parts of the proposed trail, as much as 80+ feet may need to be taken of yards to build pavement for the trail!
  • Taxpayers from the Cities of Troutdale and Gresham would foot the bill for police enforcement, cleanup, homeless issues, and safety measures along the trail. METRO would support with grant funding and planning of the trail only.


City of Troutdale seeks to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's dollars $$$ to purchase and acquire property for the 40-mile loop extension.

* Troutdale city council meeting agenda shows Troutdale is "declaring the public necessity to construct segments of the 40-mile loop trail and need to acquire real property" from residents to extend the trail. Also, a city council information packet shows that the City of Troutdale plans to acquire property for the trail "spending taxpayer's funds" through means of "legal action" to extend the 40-mile loop trail, and it is "coming down to property acquisition to complete that trail." A city council presentation shows the taxpayer's money would be spent for "40 Mile Loop Harlow Place lots & trail $150k+." In addition Troutdale Public Works documents say "additional pathway and trail development is needed to complete the '40-mile loop' trail on the levee and along Hawlow Place" with an "estimated cost  $388,000."

* Troutdale public records show the "Mayor's Strategic Plan" -#2 is "pursue the connection of the 40-mile loop trail"