Some of the most frequently asked questions by residents when they learn about the proposed Springwater Trail Extension are published here.cies of Gresham and Troutdale have proposed several routes expanding the Springwater Trail and 40-Mile Loop through Troutdale and Gresham. The map created by METRO and the Cities is a poor visual of exactly who is affected. You may need to zoom in and out +/- to determine if your house, business, or neighborhood is along or next to a proposed route. Moreover, at each affected route, little to no information or details are provided about the degree and extent of damage the trail will be to your immediate community area. ACT NOW the routes are being FINALIZED A copy of the map can be located here !

Also, the City of Troutdale council members have reviewed several packets of information about the acquisition of property using taxpayer's money and requires the city to take legal action to acquire property. See the Announcements / Notes page on this website and the announcement to Troutdale Residents.

Why hasn't the City contacted me about this?

METRO and the City say they have mailed postcards to some select addresses and they have also held some hush-hush and low key meetings about the projects. Little to no outreach to the immediate residences and the communities have been done. Not even the immediately impacted residents and businesses have not been notified. Community outreach by METRO and the Cities of Troutdale and Gresham about this project planning has been poor and inadequate.

Will I lose some of my property or privacy rights?

Yes, privacy will most certainly be lost to residents whose homes and neighborhoods are along the proposed routes if this project moves forward. Routes proposed would development 30+ or more feet of open space located in front/back of home yards . The City of Gresham is spinning this LAND GRAB as being done for "the right of way."

Furthermore, the City of Troutdale has begun plans to acquire land for the proposed trail routes using taxpayer's funds. See the Annoncements / Notes page on this website and the announcement to Troutdale Residents.

The community will be threatened by ongoing crimes, drug use, and other illegal activity such as break-ins, robberies, and rapes.

Will the trail connect neighborhoods to local businesses and shopping centers?

Almost all portions of the Springwater Trail and 40-Mile Loop extension will take residential lands. Some portions of the proposed routes would connect neighborhoods to local businesses; however, most other portions of the routes would not. Proposed routes wind and weaves between neighborhoods and green-spaces.

How is this being funded, and will this increase my property taxes or decrease the value of my home?

Both METRO and the City of Gresham have been vague about funding for the Springwater Trail Expansion project. Not much has been addressed by government about how the project is being paid for and where the ongoing maintenance costs will come from.

Based on the crime and cleanup required for the existing trail, maintenance for the extended trail will be a suck and drain on taxpayer dollars. According to a 2016 report on spending, Gresham spent just over $1 million dollars to enforce and maintain the existing Springwater Trail. Furthermore, the City of Troutdale documents show the city council has sought to acquire land for the trail extension spending hundreds of thousands in taxpayer's funds.

There is extensive homelessness along regional trails now. It is obvious that home values will suffer when trails as plagued with vagrant camps next to residential homes. Good luck trying to sell your house with a tent camp in your front or back yard.

When is the trail going to start being built?

What has been told to the community is that the project is anticipated to be done in phases, and take over several years. Which means neighborhoods and green-spaces will be under construction for a lengthy period of time. Ultimately, there will be traffic and community headaches and impacts for years to come. It is not just as simple as paving a path; major road construction and utility (electric, sewer, gas) relocation will occur, and some portions of the proposed trails have large grade changes and cross natural obstacles requiring major construction . Imagine - having to wake up to your house shaking because a bulldozer and jack-hammer are at work 3 feet from your front door, because your yard and the open space near your house was taken.

The City of Gresham has recently, as of January 2017, announced they have postponed decisions about the location of the trail extension and the trail map now shows Gresham as "to be determined."

The City of Troutdale has not backed-out of the proposed trail. Rather, the City of Troutdale's Mayor has a plan that includes extending the 40-mile trail. Also, the city council has at minimum discussed purchasing property using taxpayer's money for trail expansion.

How will the environment be impacted by the project?

There are several proposed routes, including through mostly rural community roads and mature neighborhoods. Many trees aged 50 years or more will be uprooted if this project moves forward. Including a City of Gresham designated Significant Tree on Williams Road, where several Dawn Redwood fossil trees are located.

Moreover, existing green-spaces will be connected to a larger regional trail, bringing more foot and vehicle traffic, negatively impacting  protected spaces. Furthermore, tent campers along the exiting regional trail have ransacked the environment with trash and biohazard waste.

What can I do to learn more about the project, voice my concerns, or oppose the project?

  • Tell a neighbor
  • Post a yard sign
  • Get involved
  • Show up to meetings!!! 

Also, METRO and the Cities of Gresham and Troutdale should be the recipients of your public comment. Contact METRO & City:

  • Attend public forum
  • Visit the City
  • Write a letter or email
  • Make a phone call

See the Contact METRO & City page on this website.

Where is the proposed extension connecting to the Springwater Trail and 40-Mile Loop?

See the dotted line on the map shown here. That is the proposed expansion to connect the Springwater Trail and 40-Mile Loop through Gresham and Troutdale.